About Asiopa

1. Origin of our name

Just like Eurasia /jʊəˈreɪʒə/, the portmanteau term Asiopa /ˈeɪʒɪopə/ is made up of its constituent continents (Latin Asia and Latin Europa). In this meaning, even-though there is no such a word as Asiopa in the dictionaries, we treat them both equivalent.

Thus, the name of our project comes from Asiopa, which is the largest continental landmass on Earth, comprising all of Asia and Europe, separated from Africa on the south by the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Reasons of our inception

If you have emigrated from a small former-Soviet country with no or just a few globally broadcasting TV stations, odds are that in a country of your current residency you have no decent means of watching your favorite TV shows in your native language anymore. Various pirate TV services only disappoint you with their unjustified fees for illegal content and unstable and low quality videos. YouTube videos from your home country bring some joy, but you still wished to be able to watch all kinds of TV channels from a country of your origin. So here comes Asiopa TV, the bridge between your soul and a country of your origin.

Asiopa TV is an ambitious project to provide the cultural, education and informational link between expatriates currently residing in various countries of the world back to their Caucasian and Central Asian home countries by providing high-quality and highly-available live cam streams, television and radio programs.

3. Countries covered

While there is plenty of online resources that re-broadcast Russian TV stations worldwide, other countries of former Soviet Union as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan with number of quality private TV stations are underrepresented in Internet. And we will do our best to bring quality TV and radio from these countries right to your computer or any other device connected to Internet.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to offer and Turkmen TV stations as there is no legal framework in Turkmenistan yet in order for us to be able to partner with local TV stations.

4. Growing number of channels

We have just started, so there are comparatively small numbers of stations added at the present. However, we constantly expand our coverage by partnering with the best of TV and radio stations in former Soviet countries.