Frequently Asked Questions

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I wanted to subscribe to Asiopa TV using my Paypal account, but could not find it as a payment option. Do you accept payment methods other than credit cards?

At the present we accept all four major credit card types: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card. Unfortunately, we do not accept other payment methods as PayPal, checks, direct deposit, etc. However, if you represent an organization which needs TV streams in bulk and will consider annual payment with a good discount, then please contact us to discuss possible wire transfer as the payment method.

Reading the Terms of Service page, I've noticed mentions of Asiopa TV Packs (additional subscription fee) and Asiopa TV Events (one-off payment per event). What are them and how can I use them?

We would like to start offering additional services called Asiopa TV Packs and Asiopa TV Events sometime in the future and decided to already cover them in our Terms of Use.

I've had relatives visiting me for summer breaks and I needed Family plan. Now after they've left I don't need multiple streams at a time, so how can I downgrade to Personal account?

Please contact us about changing to Personal plan and our Billing will downgrade your account.

I've initially subscribed to Personal plan, which allows only one stream per signed account. I now need more than one stream, so how can I upgrade to Family plan?

Please contact us about changing to Family plan and our Billing will upgrade your account.

Using Asiopa TV (3)

I know various Internet TV companies offer similar services. And I wonder what's the difference between them and Asiopa TV?

There are number of key differences between regular Internet TV or, to be technically correct, Internet Protocol Television (often abbreviated as IPTV) companies and Asiopa TV. Here are some of them:

A regular IPTV Asiopa TV
1. Additional devices You need to purchase additional device. No need. All you have to have is Internet connection.
2. Wait time and access after subscription You have to wait until IPTV company ships and delivers its IPTV box to your address, which sometimes can take days or weeks. Immediate access. Start watching your favorite TV channels just right after subscription.
3. Conveniency and mobility If you don't bother you can disconnect an IPTV box every time you need to travel, carry it with all it's cables and connect it on another TV at new place. It is fully convenient and mobile as requires only Internet connection and any smart device: PC, laptop, phone or smart TV.
4. Quality of streaming IPTV is known to have multiple issues as lip-sync discrepancy, frequent pausing and buffering issue, but probably most notorious problem with IPTV is that if the channel provider's location is currently heavy rain, you will not able to watch the channel until the weather is cleared, because IPTV obtains most of its channels from satellite dishes. All you need to have is a good Internet connection. Eventhough we provide TV and radio channels from remote geographic regions of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, our servers are located in US, namely in California, so you are streaming data down to your device from US-based server.
5. Copyrights The biggest issue of IPTV providers is that you are never sure if you are watching legal or illegal content, because they mostly run silent operations luring in customers by advertising hundreds of illegally provisioned content materials. Asiopa TV streams only two categories of television or audio channels: 1) High quality streaming provided by media companies in former Soviet countries which signed partnership contracts with us; or 2) Video and audio materials and stream lines already made available for public use, but due to remotness of those countries not necessarily present in US.
6. Specialty materials The content provided by various IPTV companies are practically identical: you could be paying for hundreds of generic type of TV channels which can be accessed through other dish networks or cable TV companies. You will hardly find there a TV channel from a remote region of a Central Asian country where you are originally from. The list of TV channels provided by Asiopa TV is quite modest at the present, however with every day passing we'll be obtainig partnerhsips with small regional, meduim-sized and large national TV and radio channels of Estern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.
I'd like to watch Asiopa TV on my iPhone, but searching for Asiopa TV in AppStore I couldn't find anything. Is there an Asiopa TV app for iOS and/or Android?

At the present, we do not have any specialized smart phone or smart TV apps. However, you don't really have to have an app to watch Asiopa TV, because our website's design is fully responsive, so all it takes to start watching Asiopa is to open our website at using a modern browser. Any smart device should have a modern browser these days.

How can I add a TV, radio or a livecam station to My Channels page?

In order to add a channel to the list of your favorite channels, please go to Channels page, select one and on the next page click on the Add link located in the lower right corder of the player section.